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Belle Époque, Cheshire wedding venue - WILTP

Documentary wedding photographer in Cheshire - Why I love this picture  

Continuing my WILTP series, here’s a picture that to me signifies what Documentary Wedding Photography is all about.  It was taken at The Belle Époque wedding venue in Knutsford, Cheshire - a really lovely intimate wedding venue with a fantastic atmosphere and superb food (I like nice food), anyway I digress...

Cutting the cake from a photography perspective has always seemed a bit stilted, stand here, get the knife, smile please, do it again, look at the camera.  Eurghhh it really doesn’t capture any feeling or say anything about the people there or the day itself.

From a traditional wedding photography perspective it (cutting the wedding cake picture) always seems to exclude the people there who want to witness this very British tradition, guests and family members have to make way for the ‘official photos’ and I don’t like that approach, it’s everyone’s day to enjoy and be part of (incidentally this ethos of mine continues throughout the entire day)

So here we have a non-traditional cake cutting picture, I love how everyone is crowded round, really sharing the moment with Sara & Paul, everyone together being part of it - surely that’s what a wedding is about? the togetherness and the memories that brings.  I’m there to get that feeling, the natural happiness and interaction of people.

Cutting the wedding cake at the Belle Époque in Cheshire.  Photographed documentary style.  

Cutting the wedding cake at the Belle Époque in Cheshire.  Photographed documentary style.