Mere Court Wedding Pictures - WILTP

Why I love this picture 

I take a lot of wedding pictures, some jump out at me for a number of reasons - some I can relate to personally, some epitomise what a Wedding is about, others Documentary Wedding Photography and some just make me chuckle.

For me, pictures of people’s weddings are really about the people, I only care about giving people memories to look back on, pictures that will bring something back years after a wedding day, true moments or character.  Technical perfection is secondary to raw feeling and that’s why I don’t really show ‘wow’ pictures in any of my galleries online - moments matter, only moments matter. 

This picture taken at Mere Court Wedding Venue, Knutsford, Cheshire is being singled out because I can personally relate to it.  I did exactly the same thing when I saw my wife walking toward me , seeing pictures I take like this take me back to how I felt on my wedding day, being there witnessing moments like this do the same too.    


Mere Court Wedding venue, Cheshire

So Laura & Rad has their wedding at the Mere Court in Knutsford.  Full of life, love, laughs and dancing that’s how I’d describe it !   

The great thing about an African Wedding is those guys and girls know how to celebrate, and what a celebration it was too. 

Here’s a small sample from their day, turn up the volume and enjoy

African Wedding at the Mere Court in Cheshire, Documentary style