Documentary Wedding Photography - what is it?

There’s a lot written about Documentary, Reportage, Candid, Unposed Wedding Photography - definitions, meanings, theories and guidance.

Don’t worry I’m not going to go over something that’s been gone over a thousand times already - I’m not a bore. 

What does it mean to me though? and more importantly what does it mean to YOU? (caps for emphasis not screaming at you) 

To me it’s simple - it’s about being there, living your day with you, a bunch of moments in pictures (I’m not entirely sure that’s the correct descriptive term for a lot of moments), a story that’s unique and personal to the people there.

To you - all of the above, along with not wanting the pomp and ceremony associated with normal wedding photography, getting you and the people around you at their most relaxed, not having to stop start your wedding day, not having to fake smile (unless you’ve invited people to your wedding you don’t really like, then I guess you have to), making your day about you and only you, having something meaningful to look back on, having no additional pressure on your day.  

So there - that’s pretty much it.  Weddings as they are without faffing about or feeling awkward - should have said that at the start and saved a load of words shouldn’t I.