Giving something back

I'm a huge believer in supporting something worthwhile, there's plenty of people in the world who deserve kudos and thanks and these guys are one of them. 

I've known Jason for a while now, my kids go to his academy so when he asked me to cover their end of year party I obviously said yes and did it for free, as a thanks for all the hard work and dedication Jason & his team show towards kids in the local area.  

I think there were around 400 people there and everyone is like one big family, it really is humbling to watch how supportive everyone is of each other, the amount of support and encouragement from the whole room during some of the demonstrations the children did was unbelievable. 

Not only that, the spirit and determination of the smaller kids who were taking part would put a lot of adults to shame.  

So yeah, I shot this for free as a thank you to everyone in the JBBBA family - encouraging kids, giving them confidence, purpose, drive and determination is something very special, so thanks guys & girls !

Here's some pics from the evening