Wedding photography - The truth #1

One great picture 

Wedding photographers, we only display our best work don’t we?  obvious really isn’t it, we aren’t going to put our crusty brown bananas in our shop window and expect to attract people like you, no we need to be displaying our big yellow bananas, the best ones so we look good.  

Trouble is, some people only have a few good bananas and the rest of their stock is a bit spotty and brown - too late though, you’ve just bought a big bag of bananas based on the ones you’ve seen in the shop window without actually looking in the bag itself.

My point?  

Firstly it would seem I have a thing for bananas...I don’t, I just started down a path and by the time I realised I sounded like a bit of a banana weirdo it was too late to delete it all and start again (basically I couldn’t be bothered) 

Second - I know a lot of people spend AGES choosing popular pictures to pull in couples, I kinda get it but I kinda don’t at the same time.  I mean it’s fine if a couple are buying one or two pictures - but you’re paying for a full days worth of pictures.  Show a selection that’s my motto - I don’t spend ages selecting pictures, I pick at random by whizzing up my phone and just selecting a picture as they hurtle past my eyes.  I’d like to think that any one of the pictures I display is a showcase of my work - not just one or two per wedding.   

Do I spend extra editing time on the pictures I display online? Some people do - making them as perfect as they can be to attract a couple to book.  Do I heck as like, every picture in every gallery gets the same amount of attention from me, no special treatment for the ‘sales’ pics, all my pics are consistent - that means there’s no nasty brown banana surprises when you open your bag up.

Complete transparency fancy that!