Creativity - self

I love creative people, not necessarily for their output or pictures they produce (which I do like), nope not for those things.  

It’s for the message they champion - find yourself, be yourself, be creative, be individual - give the mediocre, the factory “everything looks the same” photography the middle finger.

That’s something I 100% stand by, if you aren’t creating your own vision in pictures then you’re just a photocopier and to me that isn’t photography  - copying something takes little or no skill, creating something takes skill, will, effort and ballsiness.

Going on creativity workshops to become more creative and find yourself but just copying the pictures of the photographer hosting them isn’t the answer- I mean WTF man! CREATE don’t imitate - please, please, please do yourself and the creative evangelists justice, don’t insult them and yourself by simply copying what they do. 

Be yourself, listen to the lessons these creatives give - the real lessons.  Anyone can learn to take a picture - not everyone learns to see.  

Even if some of it’s crap - it’s still you!  and that crap will get better and better and better until you’re a creative force yourself.