Stop start, stop start, smile please

The wedding photographs 

It strikes me as quite odd that something as organic and free flowing as a wedding could potentially be has so many interruptions for pictures, even the little ‘oh just do that again’, ‘just pause there’, ‘I’m just going to get a picture of...if you can come over here for a sec’

I’ve been a guest at a lot of weddings and as I’m kinda interested in the picture bit I watch with keen interest the amount of pausing, re-takes of things that have spontaneously happened, herding, interruptions and general stopping the flow of a day actually happens for pictures - those odd sec 

Even the newly popular term ‘light direction’ is exactly the same thing as ‘people are posed and told what to do’ there’s no such thing as light direction, people are either told what to do or they aren’t.  

Now I’m not saying ‘people shouldn’t get a photographer who does the posey stuff’ nope not at all.  I am saying ‘there is an alternative’ where people just get to float around all day doing whatever they want, enjoying themselves, no interruptions when you’re in the middle of a conversation, no ‘pause here’, ‘repeat that’, ‘smile please’ and the weird thing is, you’ll probably get some nice natural pictures that look like they’ve been set up but actually haven’t.


Documentary wedding photographer - bomKnights