Relax and enjoy the love and chaos of your wedding

Look, no matter how much of a planner you are, how well you organise things, how many lists you have - weddings have a mind of their own.  Things may happen that try to delay, skew or change your ever so carefully planned idea of a smoothly running day.  

Accept it, go with it, enjoy it.  Let someone else worry about the details and the things happening, allow yourself to be blown around like a crisp bag in the wind with a smile on its' face, or a feather perhaps that sounds nicer.

During your day you may feel like you're being herded around like kids on a school trip, wondering what the heck is going on but quite giddy all the same.  Go with it, enjoy it or you'll miss it.

My point ? What does that have to do with wedding photography ?

Perspective I guess, why add another thing onto the list of things you simply must do, why not just enjoy your day as it happens, not stopping to have pictures done, or having to try and smile , why not just let the pictures show you smiling naturally, being happy, being you.

It's your day, play it how you want but make sure you relax and enjoy it.