Black Friday....nearly here!!!

Ohhhh exciting news from me, I won’t be doing a Black Friday sale.  Nope that’s right no sale, sorry to disappoint you all.  A few reasons but here’s the main ones:

 - A lot of people have booked me at my usual price, that price is a very fair price.  I’m not going to pull my pants down and moon my booked couples by giving someone else a cheaper price

- If a relatively small discount pulls you towards another photographer over me, then I'm happy for you - you need to love the pictures you'll get from whoever you get them from, like really love them, I'm not enticing people to book me with anything other than my pictures and my brilliant evening dancing (that’s a lie, I dance like a penguin in stilettos)

- People who’ve followed me for a while know full well I’m not ‘one of the crowd’ I don’t jump on bandwagons, I'm a rebellious little shit with a mind of my own

- I value what I do, it’s nothing to do with the ‘effort’ or ‘time it takes’ or ‘how much it costs me to run my business’ that really isn’t anything couples should have to hear a photographer talking about it's boring.  I value my output - the pictures I produce, my price always reflects this, it's all about the pictures...that's because I'm a photographer 

...but, all is not lost....for anyone who’s got this far I do have some good news, from now on I’ll be offering custom framed prints that I’ll print rather expertly myself and have framed by the same small company who supply all the frames for Buckingham Palace (basically they’re shit hot),  along with photo books (like albums but more in keeping with my documentary style) for cost price - that’s right, absolutely no mark-up, you pay the price it costs me to produce them. 

Now believe me, that saving is worth a lot more than some one-off flash sale or little offer here and there.

Why on earth would I do that?  

Easy - you’re already paying me well for my service and I do love a printed picture, I’m not offering free tatty albums or artificially inflated prices with daft reductions, I’m offering bloody good books at cost price

So yeah, there you go, my very much better than Black Friday standard offering...for every one of my customers.....forever.


Man celebrating just how fantastic this is