Why do I care?

I care massively about memories...

Why do I care so much about real memories? Photographing them? Giving people things to look back on? Capturing someone's character? Why is wedding photography so important to me?

This is something I was sent a while ago by someone who happened to know my dad, it was a turning point in the way I approached photography.  It relates to my dad who I never knew, he died when I was 2 and by all accounts was a great man, I have very few pictures of him, his wedding to my mum - who also died when I was young.


Photographs are important to me because I don't have any pictures of the people I would love to have pictures of.  People can tell me all they like about my parents but words without a face to look at are just words. 

Capturing memories, recording history, giving people something individual for them (and their families) to look back on is indescribably important.

It's not just things to say on a website, winning awards or getting a pat on he head, nor is it repeating phrases like ‘capturing memories, I've lots of passion and moments to treasure forever’ around for dramatic effect - this shit is important to me.  It's important because I don't want people to miss out on the things I've missed out on.  

That's my 'Why' - and everyone should have a 'why' for the things they do, otherwise what's the point in doing them.