My approach as a UK Documentary Wedding Photographer

We are so happy we found Paul. He became part of our wedding rather than the guy who takes pictures. Everything he says on his website is absolutely true, everyone loved him, he just fitted in like we’d known him for years....and our pictures are out of this world!
— Tess & Mike, Cheshire, UK

Enjoy your wedding!

It’s actually really hard to describe my approach, I guess in a nutshell it’s like you’ve not hired a photographer. I’ve been refining and refining my very unique way of photographing weddings for the past 15 years, to make it as “unphotographerlike” and unobtrusive as possible for everyone concerned. I use a single small camera that says “I’m not a professional” which certainly helps your guests relax around me (don’t worry I am actually a professional though), I mingle and chat rather than skulk in the background, and if I had £10 for every guest who looked like I’d just kicked their cat when I tell them I’m the actual photographer I could probably consider retiring…yes I’m that good at fitting in, no I’m not bullshitting you.

I’m not a normal wedding photographer and I like that, I pride myself on being different. I give traditional wedding photography the finger with all its’ formality, stiffness, cliches and awkwardness - my couples want something real and honest, a story filled with emotion and personality, pictures they can get excited about, pictures they can love and to be able to relax and enjoy their wedding without the whole pictures thing taking over their day.

I’m with you from the very start of your day until the very end of your night or at least until there’s nothing else left to photograph, because I care about your complete story. I will celebrate with you, party with your families and guests and thoroughly enjoy myself doing it. Don’t worry though, I’m not just there for the party, I take my role in your day very seriously and that’s to tell the story of your wedding.

I want to give you a full and unfiltered record of your day in pictures, all the things that make your wedding uniquely yours from a very personal perspective, one a normal wedding photographer simply wouldn’t see or have access to. I guarantee there’s no posing for pictures (unless you ask nicely for a few on the day, then it’s no problem), no awkwardness and no fake smiles, you won’t feel like you’ve hired a photographer and neither will your guests…in fact most of them will think I’m just another guest, friend or family member.

a summer wedding in cheshire.  Guests toasting marshmallows on a bonfire.

I wanted to create something completely unique for couples who really shy away from having their picture taken, I’m part of your wedding rather than someone who’s there to get pictures at any cost. I’ve found people absolutely love the approach I use, I’m not winding your guests up by getting in their way or making them feel uncomfortable.

I’ll spend the day chatting to people rather than hovering round the outskirts pointing a camera at them, I’ll sit at a table with your other wedding guests during your wedding breakfast, I’m there to blend in not stick out.


The resulting photographs I take are natural and genuine moments of people being themselves rather than being aware there’s a big camera pointed at them waiting for them to ‘do something’. Your gallery will be a very personal and intimate record of your day, a real story - rather than simply ‘pictures of people who were at your wedding’.

There’ll be character and personality in your pictures and there’ll be some crazy shit too because people feel so comfortable around me and see me as one of their own, they let their guard down and behave naturally, everything that happens will be there in pictures from a very unique and personal perspective.


I don’t even know where to begin singing this guys praises!! We’ve spent hours just scrolling through the photos, each time you notice something else that makes you laugh or smile.

Comments from family and friends so far have included ‘They are the best wedding photos we’ve ever seen!”. So many guests have commented on what a great guy he was.

Easily one of the best decisions of our wedding was booking Paul,
— Kate & Dave