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What is Documentary / Reportage / Relaxed wedding photography?  How do I make sure you're completely at ease throughout the day so you just get on and enjoy it? Do you really need to feel uncomfortable having a photographer around you and should you miss any of your day to have pictures taken?  What makes me different for all the other photographers out there? 

if you're a bit uneasy about the thought of having a photographer taking your picture on your big day I might just have the answer for you.

So many many answers !

My approach as a UK Documentary Wedding Photographer - getting the best bits of your wedding day without getting on your nerves

A wedding photographer who's not a wedding photographer

My approach is different to other wedding photographers. I don't act like a photographer, there's no bossing people about, no herding guests from one picture to the next, no 'smile for the camera', no cheese, none of the borrowing the bride and groom for an hour, and none of your guests thinking 'oh oh, here comes the photographer avoid eye contact maybe he'll go away' 

I'm there to enjoy your day as much as your guests are - sound weird? It's not, honest.  If I 'm relaxed about the whole picture thing and enjoy your day for what it is, and your guests are relaxed and enjoy it, and you enjoy it (because you should, it's your wedding), then guess what - that's a whole bunch of pictures of everyone enjoying it, and an awful lot of the people at your wedding who won't even know I'm the official photographer...because I'm not prancing around like a photographer getting on everyone's nerves.

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You being you

It's all about you feeling your best, feeling comfortable and largely being completely unaware you've even got a photographer at your wedding, and trust me, you look your best when you're just being yourself, there's no need to act up for a camera, there's no fake smiles, awkward cuddles or made up memories.  It's your day and it's completely unique to you, the photographs I take are completely unique to you, I approach every wedding with no preconceptions as to how it's going to be, no judgement, no script, no set poses or templates - your wedding day happens, I take pictures of it.

If you're thinking, yeah that's us, we want the real story of your wedding day then get in touch and let's talk wedding pictures - your wedding pictures.

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What is Documentary Wedding Photography?

There’s a lot of confusion and misinformation around the internet regarding Documentary Wedding Photography. So let me clear that right up. Really it’s a type of photography that provides an accurate representation of ‘things at a wedding’. Nothing should be touched, changed, cajoled, guided or staged. In order for someone to truly be a genuine Documentary Wedding Photographer they shouldn’t be setting up poses or telling people when to smile. A Documentary Wedding Photographer is simply there to record things ‘as they are’, it’s very much a niche skill despite everyone claiming to be one these days, sadly 90% of photographers haven’t got a clue what it is, or how to do it properly.

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