My approach as a UK Documentary Wedding Photographer

How I work.

“I’d like to give a special mention to Paul, he’s been with us all week, most of you still don’t know he’s our official photographer, well he is and it’s testament to just how good he is at ‘not being the photographer’, for us that’s exactly why we chose him. Thanks for making the whole thing so easy, for fitting in so well and becoming part of our wedding, you’re a total legend mate.” - Grooms speech on his wedding day, I spent a week in Italy with them.

Look, if I can spend a week with people and they still haven’t sussed out I’m the official photographer, I’m shit hot at blending in - trust me.

Every wedding I’m asked how I know the couple, which side of the family I’m from, had conversations with guests on why they (the couple) haven’t got a photographer and happily concluded with said guests that it’s because wedding photographers are a pain in the ass, far to intrusive and get in the way and when all’s said and done they’re stupid expensive for a couple of pictures guests could probably get…yes I’ve stood there drinking prosecco and eating canapes and they’re completely clueless until I own up to being the actual photographer (I only do it to see their faces)

Completely stress free.

I have no interest in controlling your day, putting you through the pain of ‘proper wedding pictures’, I don’t care about formality, timetables or (dare I say it)….wedding photography. The only thing I care about is you having the time of your lives, making the most of your day and forgetting I’m there to take pictures. I want you to live every moment of your wedding day, spend your time with each other, your families and your friends. I’m not even going to explain how I do what I do, it’s boring, but rest assured I will not dictate how any part of your day should work. Relax, enjoy your wedding and allow me to tell the story of it, just as it happens.