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I'm offering a limited number of personal coaching sessions in Manchester for people who want to improve their documentary wedding photography or simply get started.  I'm a working specialist documentary wedding photographer based in the Manchester / Cheshire area of the UK.  Generally speaking the people who sign up for these sessions already know of me by reputation, but for those who don't...where have you been (joking, jees), here's a bit about my approach on a wedding day: 

My approach is 100% documentary throughout the day, I don't advertise, offer publicly or hint at anything to do with group pictures or portraiture (don't get me wrong, I'm not a dick, if couples want it on the day I'll do it).  However people book me exclusively for the completely relaxed documentary style I offer (and they like my pictures I guess).  I shoot the whole day with one camera and a single prime lens (Fuji Xpro2 & 18mm for anyone interested).  My style is a mix of street photography and social documentary and when I'm not shooting weddings I'm usually out shooting street in and around Manchester. 

I don't photograph weddings with anything else in mind apart from taking the kind of pictures I like to take personally and recording a couple's memories as honestly and truthfully as possible, there's no fluff, no 'artsy' shit people won't understand (although I'm not saying artsy stuff is bad), and no 'being too clever for my own good' at the expense of emotion and feeling in pictures.  In every wedding my priorities are feeling, feeling, personality, feeling, story, feeling, story, connection, personality, connection, story, feeling, feeling....you get the idea.  Everything has to be relaxed for the couple, that's another huge priority for me.  Anyway I'm waffling, I know I am, so I'll cut myself off there.

These sessions are intended to get you to think for yourself, NOT to follow a predetermined 'How to be a wedding photographer' script, NOT to give you a few useless pictures for a portfolio using beautiful models in glorious locations set up by me then leaving you to fend for yourself and replicate that look using non-models, during a stressful day without any help.  These sessions are a jump point, to get you thinking, they can be configured any way you want - essentially you're paying for my time so you can use it any way you wish, I'll speak candidly and honestly throughout the session.  

Main topics

During our time together can cover the following things, if there's a particular area you want to focus on we can do that.

- The art of observation.  Noticing things before they happen.  Developing awareness of surroundings.

- Composition, what works for me, what doesn't

- Moments.  What is a real moment?  

- Why you don't need to shoot 100000000000 picture of the same scene (and don't need to get on people's tits during the day doing it)

- Light, how big a priority is it?

- Rapport, why it's important at a wedding.  Building the confidence to build rapport

- Shooting a wedding with minimal kit, is it for you?

- Taking all the above to the streets of Manchester.  Doing some (a lot of) practical street photography.  Why shooting street massively improves your documentary wedding work.  Looking at the pictures you've taken and learning from them

- The opportunity to potentially come along to a real wedding as a second shooter at a later date, you must be willing to travel


Additional topics

- Workflow - an overview, with hints and tips from me.  What I use, why I use it.  How to cull a wedding quickly

- Plenty of chat during the day about YOU as a photographer, what's important to you, a bit of self discovery

- A wake up call critique of your portfolio if you want it

- Social media, what's good / what's dangerous

- Questions, bring as many as you like they will be answered with complete candidness 


It's a full day so bring plenty of energy, comfy footwear and a camera / laptop if you have one.

I'm only running 4 of these sessions a year, price is £200.  Dates may need to be flexible depending on my schedule.

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- Paul

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