A unique, relaxed documentary wedding photographer from Cheshire for people who appreciate real memories of their wedding day and want the best pictures possible of their celebration.  I'm a relaxed wedding photographer based in Cheshire, offering  'guest eye view', personal, fun and non-intrusive Documentary wedding photography across Cheshire, Manchester, the UK and Europe.  

Wedding Photography with a whole lot of f*#k yeah ! 

Emotive wedding stories

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If you're not looking for wedding pictures that scream 'this is us' then you're in the wrong place I'm afraid.

If, on the other hand, you're looking for wedding photography that grabs you by the balls, get your knickers in a twist & makes you run round in circles barking like a dog and most definitely screams this is us...hello, I've got just what you're after

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"We've spent hours just scrolling through our pictures, each time we notice something else that makes us smile or laugh.  Every single picture means something, and I think that's where Paul separates himself from everyone else, you don't just get a few good pictures, they're all brilliant!!"

Make your wedding day about you, not the photography

Hi,  my name's Paul and I photograph weddings in a very unique and relaxed way.  Everyone treats me like a guest, not the photographer in return you get an honest guest eye view of your wedding in pictures.  It's all extremely relaxed, in fact it's like not having a photographer at your wedding. 

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We saw lots of wedding galleries when we were looking for a photographer, but the ones Paul gives are all incredible, every single picture is full of personality and meaning, that really is what makes him stand out above anyone else.  It's a full story you get, told with empathy, care, personality, sprinkles of humour and a whole lot of love. "

I have no interest in making you stand in silly poses, I'm not inclined to waste any of your day for stiff pictures that'll make you feel awkward.  You should be enjoying yourselves, creating memories, making the most of it, remembering it as your wedding, not the day you had lots of wedding photographs taken.

I'm interested in is you as people, how you felt, the little things, the big things, the emotional things and the silly things. I want to photograph your personality, give you pictures you'll relate to, something you can look back on in years and see how ridiculously happy you were.  

No fake smiles, nothing contrived, no awkwardness- just you, getting married, your families and friends all looking very very very happy. 

What are your wedding pictures going to say about your day?  Here's what I have to say, turn the volume up & press play.

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"Wish we'd had you as our photographer, ours was a right pain in the arse, took over the day, got right on our tits we nearly sent him home.  Wouldn't mind but they said they were dead relaxed when we met them, turned out to be a right load of bollocks.  You've been sound mate, like a good friend, thought you were one of *grooms* mates, dead chilled and joined in.  Hope your pictures aren't shit though!" - Quote from Best Man & Wife at wedding

If I were to write an advert for my ideal couples it would read something like this....

Looking for couples planning wedding. Must have longing desire for a fully relaxed and stress free day without feeling like you've got a photographer getting in the way.

You will be reasonably nice people (not being an axe murderer is a distinct advantage), allergic reaction to posing for pictures is ideal, as is general aversion to photographers or thought of wedding photographers following them round all day.

Having a great bunch of people around you is highly advantageous, dysfunctional families with crazy uncles are welcome, as are oddball friends, loopy grandparents, bad dancers and general lunatics.  At least 3 people present capable of ridiculous belly laughs is a bonus and of course the camera shy are more than welcome too, as are perfectly normal people - I'm not looking to start a circus.

If you're currently engaged, want a relaxed wedding day with minimal faff and can't be bothered with being bossed around for the sake of pictures, you're possibly an ideal couple to adopt this photographer on a short term basis.

In return you'll get a beautifully photographed story of your wedding day that's totally personal to you, it will be completely unique to you and full of pictures to make you smile, cry, laugh and on occasion say haha WTF... "

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Hire Paul and I promise you, you will be blown away by his photos and how he captures your day WITH NO DISRUPTIONS!!!!


Dates go quickly, if you want to chance your arm on my availability feel free to faff around.  If you're chomping at the bit to have a chat then get in touch using the button below, or call me on 07702 139570 for a hassle free, non-sales chat about your plans.

Very relaxed Documentary / Reportage Wedding Photography throughout Cheshire, Greater Manchester, the UK and Europe.