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Unique Relaxed Wedding Photography for people who don't want spend their day posing for pictures

What kind of couples am I for?

I am NOT for couples who want to be told what to do, herded into position, put into silly poses up a tree / in a pond / under an umbrella.  I AM for couples who want genuine memories, couples who don't want to have their day interrupted and appreciate great pictures full of real personality, feeling, some laughs and plenty of character.

I am different.   I am completely unobtrusive.  I am unlike any other wedding photographer you've seen at a wedding.  I will be dancing later.  I don't act like a wedding photographer.  There'll be pictures of you looking ridiculous. There'll be pictures of you looking ridiculously happy.  These are your memories, let's make them memorable, let's make them about the real YOU...and more importantly, let's not make it awkward or intrusive.

bomKnights - what does it mean ?

The word bomKnights isn't the word for Love in an obscure long forgotten language, it's not my name or part of it.  It came from the brain of a 4 year old girl, my daughter Isabella.  She made it up as a superhero name for her 18 month old little brother while we were all playing superheroes.  I asked what to call him (apparently blockhead isn't a good enough superhero name...my suggestion), so she blurted out bomknights.  I liked it, it sounded cool and kind of fitted his look at the time - naked apart from a nappy, a saucepan on his head and a cape made of a tea-towel.  So we called him bomknights for the rest of the day (and 6 months after that too)...oh and I also stole it for my website because it sounded way better than 'Paul takes pictures' or 'Pauls wedding photography' - which are very boring names.  Yeah bomKnights suits my pictures better - a naked, saucepan wearing superhero type name thought up by a 4 year old - I like it.  So I'm called bomKnights photography in honour of my kids.

cheshire wedding photographer
relaxed wedding photographer cheshire

"There's nothing worse than a photographer who makes you feel like you're being photographed on your wedding day" 

- me, I said that

 The best relaxed, quirky and fun wedding photographer in Cheshire

Why I photograph

My parents died when I was young.  My Dad when I was 3, my Mum when I was 15.   I have no memories of my Dad, very few of my Mum.  Growing up I had no photographs of my parents, and really I thought nothing of it.  Pictures weren't something I thought were important, I'd never had any and I placed no value on them at all.   22 years later I got a message from someone on social media who knew my Dad, he had some boxes of things and wondered if I would like them and a few weeks later 2 large boxes arrived, absolutely stuffed full of photographs. 

It turns out my Dad was quite a photographer - while he worked all over the world he photographed an awful lot of it, beautifully photographed it.  There were also pictures of me as I grew up (to the age of three), my mum, us as a family - memories I couldn't remember but memories nonetheless - it was like looking into a past I'd been part of but had no recollection of.  I spent weeks and weeks looking through them all, enthralled, amazed and quite emotional. 

These pictures had a large personal impact on me, how much they actually meant to me  got me thinking if he hadn't taken them, there would be no record it ever happened.  I decided I wanted to do the same for my family, our first child had just been born and I wanted to create a visual legacy for us all.  Long story short - turns out I had a bit of an natural aptitude for taking pictures and after a long learning period and a leap of faith I left a job I absolutely hated to become a full time photographer....and I bloody love it ! 

I'm driven by a deep desire to record real memories in pictures, it's something really important to me on a personal level.  Amazing what 2 boxes of pictures can do for someone - that's the value of photographs to me...in fact they're invaluable.

I'm a Cheshire based Wedding Photographer covering weddings across the UK, Europe and Internationally.  If you love what you've seen so far, chances are you're the kind of couple who's wedding I'd love to photograph.  It doesn't matter if you're having a small intimate wedding or a big luxury wedding, a relaxed wedding day or a weekend of partying, traditional or alternative - all I care about is you as people and telling the genuine story of your day. 

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