Hi, I’ll say this upfront, I’m not a Wedding Photographer for everyone.

My approach, pictures and ethos are different from the norm. Don’t worry, I do take pictures at weddings - I’m just not really the “Wedding Photographer” you pictured when you started looking for one.

You’re hear now though, this could be the best place for you!

Take a look at the video below, make sure you turn the volume up

Who wants boring wedding pictures? Not you

Who wants pictures of their friends dressed like a chicken? Yes this is actually a wedding picture.

quirky wedding photography cheshire

I promise no disruption to your day, no posing is required at all and there’s no awkwardly embarrassing pictures of your friends (OK, that’s a complete lie). If you want pictures that really show how much you enjoyed your wedding you’re in the right place. Don’t worry there are serious pictures too.

Prices start from £1,400 for full day & night coverage but before we start talking money I’d really like you to fall in love with my photography and my approach to your day (it’s rather different to the norm)

I’m different, different is good right?

I’m with you all day and night, lucky you !

relaxed documentary wedding photographer manchester

I’m here to tell a pure, unbiased and honest story of your day exactly as it happens. You get a real sense of what it felt like to be at your wedding, the emotion, the genuine moments that happen spontaneously throughout your day, a story that’s uniquely personal to you. There’s no orchestration, nothing is staged or set-up. I want you to enjoy yourselves and not worry about having your picture taken.

Paul was like one of the family for the day, he’s so easygoing we forgot he was there to actually take pictures! Even leading up to our wedding everything was so simple and stress free “Tell me what time you’re getting ready and where, leave the rest to me” were Paul’s words - and we did.

On the day he was fantastic at actually not being the photographer. More than a few people asked why we weren’t having a photographer, he doesn’t look like one or act like one at all. We can’t stress how amazing this was for us, we didn’t have to give the pictures a second thought and could enjoy everything about our day knowing we were in Paul’s safe hands.

When he messaged us on our honeymoon to tell us our preview was ready we’ve never jumped out of a swimming pool so quickly and went inside, we sat watching it with big grins on our faces and quite a few tears were shed. All the memories came flooding back of our day, all the things we remember photographed perfectly and all the things we didn’t see happening too.

We’d obviously booked him because he takes great pictures but when they’re your own, that’s the point you realize how good he is at capturing real feelings and moments. We can honestly say this man, this wonderful man, has made us extremely happy.

If you want to forget about having your picture taken and enjoy your day to the fullest, you need this guy at your wedding. He really isn’t like a photographer at all!!! The best decision we made about our whole wedding was booking Paul - he’s that good !
— A&M - Italy

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I don’t do the high pressure or nagging follow up emails. I will be straight with you though, I turn away far more couples than I book. Prime dates do go very quickly and I only take on a relatively small number of weddings a year, usually at two week intervals so my couples are guaranteed I’m at my best for their day, it also helps with my turnaround time for pictures so you’re not left waiting for months.

If you want to check your date please do get in touch. I don’t hold dates without a retainer.

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Meet some couples

Not actually meet them, but get a glimpse into their wedding days courtesy of the pictures below. Each image takes you to a little slideshow, a selection of pictures from their day. The thing I absolutely love about weddings is the individuality of each one, I never approach any wedding the same way - each one is a new experience, each one is its’ own story. To me as a photographer the people make the story what is is, so here’s a few couples enjoying their wedding days.

The slideshows will play in the background, they might take a few seconds to load and are best viewed on a screen larger than a phone. Enjoy!

It doesn’t matter if you’re having an elegant wedding at a luxury wedding venue, a week-long festival celebration in a field full of tipis, bonfires and music. A day of drunken debauchery at your local, or an intimate ceremony on the shores of an Italian lake with a few select guests. My unique approach means I can fit in to any environment (dressed as a lampshade…people will never even know I’m there)

If you want your wedding story told properly I’d love to hear from you.

You can call me on 07702 139570 for a chat or Email me at bomknights@outlook.com if you don’t like forms.

I’ve put this bit at the bottom because I don’t like blowing my own trumpet but I guess it’s useful information for you (if you’ve got this far down). I’m recognised as one of the top Documentary Wedding Photographers in Europe, along with being highly regarded worldwide. I teach the art of documentary wedding photography to other wedding photographers and have people fly from all over the world for personal coaching sessions in the UK. So from an assurance perspective I know my shit, I’m a specialist at what I do and you’re in safe hands. I’m a firm believer a photographer and a couple must be a good fit for each other, if I don’t think we are a good fit I’ll politely but honestly tell you my concerns and possibly point you in the direction of someone who’s more suitable (yes I will do my best to pre-check you out on social media first), this is for the benefit of both of us - you want the best photographs possible for you and I don’t want a disappointed couple either. I won’t send you beggy emails once you’ve made contact, but if you’ve expressed an interest in a date I will do my best to let you know if someone contacts me with an interest in the same date, although I can’t promise this. I do not hold dates without a retainer or pencil people in. During peak season it may take me a while to get back to any enquiries, occasionally technology does mean I don’t receive a message at all (it’s very rare but can happen) so if you’re the impatient type feel free to pick up the phone and demand my attention.