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Who am I?

Potentially your wedding photographer, oooffffff how exciting!!!

 Isabella, age 6

Isabella, age 6

Some facts:

I'm happily married to Emma (for 9 years), we got married in Negril, Jamaica - sweeetttt (I cried a lot)

We've two kids, Isabella (7) & Jacob (4) - they're hilarious

We used to have a cat called Jack but he died.  The kids refer to him as "Jack the dead cat" they tell everyone they meet they've got a cat called Jack, when they respond with  'ohh that's lovely, how old is he?' they both say 'he's dead' followed by an awkward pause....I think they just do it to watch people look uncomfortable

I grew up in Wales, I now live in Cheshire and photograph weddings all over the world - I'm very lucky ! 

The name 'bomKnights' came from Isabella, she made it up as a superhero name for Jacob

My favourite city is Havana, Cuba.  My favourite country is Italy

I'm a street and social documentary photographer - that's what I do in my spare time

Isabella used to call me 'hotdog daddy' I still have no idea why, I never used to eat hotdogs (Jacob calls me poop head, but everything is prefixed with poop he's 4 - that's not so confusing

The favourite car I've ever owned was an old Alfa Romeo GTV.  My first car was a ford fiesta that at the age of 17 I painted black with gloss paint (unfortunately it took ages to dry and loads of flies got stuck to it), and the gloss dripped everywhere.  I learned you shouldn't paint cars with paintbrushes.

I met the Queen when I was a kid, she was riding her horse in the grounds of Buckingham Palace and I happened to shout hello through a gate and she trotted over to say hello to me

I am bloody passionate about what I do (taking pictures at weddings), I know most people say it but here's my reason....why I care

I've lately got a really weird addiction to eating crabsticks, I can eat a pack of 16 in about a minute - it's disgusting, I'm sorry

Jacob (our 4 year old) used to say 'sox' instead of 'fox', so when he came running into the house saying "there's a sox in the garden" and I said "go get it and put it in the washing machine please", I didn't understand why he looked mortified at the time

I love travelling and getting off the beaten track, which translates to 'I have a terrible sense of direction and get lost frequently'

I'm photographing a lot of festival weddings these days, which means I've bought a tent. I've discovered I could probably survive 2 days in the wilderness if I'm left to my own devices, then I'd go mad and start eating my shoes

There's some pictures I've taken dotted around here, most are with an old film camera or my phone, random memories of random things

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Descriptive words used by past couples about their wedding pictures include:

  Real | Raw | Honest | It's us | We look ridiculously happy | We're both in tears | Heartfelt moments | You see things other people don't | I've never felt so emotional | A story full of love & feeling told with empathy and a good dose of humour | Joyous | Crazy | Quirky | I'm crying so much I can't see properly | You're part of the family now | Thank you for all your help on the day | Your dancing is terrible, your pictures are outstanding | I'm pleased to say I can now call you a friend | Emotions off the scale | Stripped of commercial nonsense - this is us at our happiest