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Me.....UK Reportage Wedding Photographer

Hello, I’m Paul and I photograph weddings.  That’s me above ‘working’ at a wedding, tequila if I remember rightly.

For me, photography at weddings is about being a part of the wedding.  Telling the story of a wedding as it happens from an insider perspective.  There’s a bit more about it here: click on this link right here

I haven’t added anything in my bio about unicorns that fart rainbows, fluffy bunnies playing hallelujah on bagpipes, or my passion for photography since being a week old, because frankly you’re a grown up and I don’t believe in making things up and it all sort of starts sounding the same doesn’t it.

The reason I do what I do is explained here: Why the heck?

but ultimately all you really want to know is that I won’t stuff your memories up, I won’t.  I’ll also treat your wedding completely differently from any other wedding I’ve shot and any other wedding I’ll shoot in the future.  It’s about you, your experience of your day and that’s completely different from anyone else’s day isn’t it.

Your pictures will be 100% you, if you’re after someone who’ll promise to change reality, make you look like someone else or anything else then sorry, you’re barking up the wrong tree (and so is anyone else who tells you they will), I’m just a lot more honest about it.

My promise to you is that my pictures will reflect your day exactly as it was, if you choose to sit in a corner with a chicken on your head for a hat and a miserable face on, then guess what, you’ll get an awful lot of pictures of you looking rather miserable (and ridiculous), BUT I’ve never met anyone like that yet on their wedding day.

Anyway, that’s me, come say hello (don’t turn up at my house like a weirdo, I mean use the form, or email, or my facebook page or a phone)

Documentary reportage wedding photographer in lake como italy at Villa Passalacqua


I’m based in Cheshire, UK and document weddings all over the world.  If you like the sound of me being at your wedding then I’ll probably love being at your wedding. Have a good look around then get in touch.  You can call me on 07702 139570 or email me at bomknights@outlook.com

Paul (Not bomKnights – that would be a silly name to have)

Uk Weddings from £1,200

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